The Whisky March 12                          by Paul Problem

This was one of the first shows in many months that reminded me of the Masque. Many familiar faces and not to many new wave tourists. Everybody was anxious to see Nervous Gender who feature the Screamers own Paul Rossler on keyboards and Sven an 8 year old drummer who hails from Germany. This was his third gig with N.G. Gerardo started out as the first lead singer from then each member except Sven, took his turn singing. The audience was mostly fans who were soon mezmerized into mental dinintegration. They were fun to see, especially young Sven, who desipite the problems moving drums, has to be the youngest musician to ever play on the Whisky stage. In between sets he played with toy spacemen and knocked over all the tables and chairs backstage so as he put it "There was a wild party backstage!". Next Geza X & the Mommy Men continued the excitement where N.G. left off. Consisting of Geza X on guitar, Bobby Paine on bass, Brendan on drums, Pat Delany on Sax, Don Bonebrake on vibes and Paul Roessler on keyboards. Poor Paul - four sets in a row! The Mommy Men were the best I'd ever seen them. They played Geza's master piece composition 'Rx Rock'n'Roll' just like the single. It's been said many times before that Geza X is a genius, but I have to say it again, he's a genius! Geza wears a head set with a mike on it and jumps around like a loony bin escapee playing guitar while pressing buttons on his own designed electronic special effects box. Geza creates the most unique compination of rock, punk and electronic music ever to be heard in LA and anywhere else as well. The back up band was exceptional with our own local talent. It turned out to be one of the funnest shows so far this year. And thats what its supposed to be, fun, right?