Flipside Magazine #31,
April 1982

Brave Dog Party with Nervous Gender, Strong Silent Types and Gobshite 3/82 by Robert Hill

This invitation only private party was not only for the closing of L.A.'s only truly alternative club, but also a release party for Nervous Gender's long awaited album "Music From Hell". I had expected a small gathering but the place was more crowded than it had ever been during it's regular gigs. Nervous Gender played just about all the songs off their album plus old favorites that they seldom do like "Jesus Christ", "Gestalt" and "Mommy's Chest". Their set didn't suffer too much from the absence of drummer Don Bolles and all of them seemed to have a good time. Preceding N.G. were Strong Silent Types and the very minimal Gobshite, who use only a rhythm box and a flanger. Things started to gradually disintegrate after Nervous Gender's set and various people took over the stage. Juan Gomez, Craig Lee and Bill Bartell played Velvet Underground songs and then there was a surprise reunion of the Speed Queens. It was a shame when it was all over because there will never be another Brave Dog.