Live Review, Flipside #15

by Al
Eddie and the Subtitles played both nights of this sold out weekend. It was so packed that thay wouldn't let anyone else in (you know, fire laws). If you went out you had to wait till someone else left to get in, you know, like the Starwood. Anyway Eddie played and were actually quite good. With a name like that, you don't know what to expect. If was sort of typical rock but it was good old rock and roll and no one was disappointed. Nervous Gender (who opened on Friday) were a real suprise. Devo meet the Screamers-and they beat both those bands (especially the Screamers) at their own game. Three familiar faces on synthesizers and Frankie the lead singer (but they all sang, Gerard was best) and the audience was held captive (literally). Great future for these guys (and girl). I don't want to talk about the Plugz anymore cause I always rave (no exception tonight), only weird thing was when Barry jumped up and hit his head on the ceiling and fell down and broke his bass strings. Oh well.

Next night Eddie and the Subtitles again, again good. Middle class finally go on to the drunken, sweating audience. Since I haven't seen them in months, it was a special event. And they were fuckin' great. Fast still, and tighter and sounding better. The encore was the Crass classic "Do they owe us a living, course they fuckin' do!" It was good, but not great, cause Jeff had to fake the words. The pogo maniacs reminded me of the Masque daze, just perfect. X finished up the night and finished off the audience, Yeah. Xene deserves our cover.