Slash Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 5

Subterranean Records (SF)

Factrix delivers the two best cuts on the album right off. "Night to Forget" is, if you have to draw comparisons, Black Sabbath meets PiL. Wonderful dirge guitar that isn't the familiar experimental jerk-off groans throught a blasted mental nocturne. Likewise "Subterfuge." Never went much for Nervous Gender except when Phranc was in the group. However, "Miscarriage," "Scandanavian Dilemma," and "Poest Confession" aren't bad. Sid 2 isn't as intriguing. Uns is formless and, even now, I've no definite impression of them except for somebody doing non-sequitor arty jokes through what sounds like an airport P.A. speaker. Flipper closes things out. Never much liked them either. I thought "Earthworm" sucked, cutesy, smark-aleck stuff undeserving of the pseudo-cult status built up around it. What's on this is the same psychic sludge, but I liked it, especially "Low Rider." "LIVE AT TARGET" doesn't quite live up to my expectations. But it remains a shadowy trip through the underworld, the kind of thing you'd enjoy listening to on Halloween around midnight.